27 October till 14 November 2010


Exhibition Laurence Aegerter, Jetske Verhoeven, Jenny Lindblom, Daniël de Roo, Carl Johan Högberg

Jetske Verhoeven (Nijmegen, 1980) was awarded for the fifth Sybren Hellinga Kunstprijs. Especially her film “J’attends la guerre” (waiting for the war) was well-received by the jury, and “has a great personal and strong presence and ingenuity, also in the use of languages. Through this, she creates a productive tension between what is being made visible and between what remains unseen or untranslated. She has succeeded to create a work based on personal experiences, that simultaneously transcends the personal in order to connect to matters of urgency in our shared present socio-political conditions.” The prize amounts to 3000 euro.

Sunday, the jury – Hilde de Bruijn, Hanne Hagenaars, Ad de Jong, Lotje van Lieshout – discussed in Kunsthuis SYB the works that the five nominated have installed themselves here in the past three weeks during a work period. The jury also made a report of the others:

About Daniël de Roo: “He was selected because we were impressed by his quality to create very precise installations combining architectural elements and video projections. We think it is brave that he made a new step in his work for this occasion, which is well presented, with confidence.”

About Jenny Lindblom: “creates colourful paintings based on strong inner desires and fears. What fascinates most about her work is the tension between wanting to show oneself and hiding oneself.”

About Carl Johan Högberg: “presented a new constellation of works in which he exposes the tactile connections between the individual elements. The jury notices his ability to create new connections between various sort of things, and to take the viewer into an unknown, mysterious world.”

And about Laurence Aëgerter: “Laurence made great impression with the beauty of her installation in which the invisible was given presence in a subtle way. Her complex woven tapestries are based on a rich story from the past and have impressed the jury.”

The SYBREN HELLINGA KUNSTPRIJS is distributed every three years. The organization of the prize is in the hands of Kunsthuis SYB.