26 February 2022

A Reading of Bitterswiet


We kindly invite you to the interactive reading with Liza Prins in Kunsthuis SYB on Saturday February 26 from 2 to 4 pm.

During ‘A Reading of Bitterswiet’ we will read aloud a selection of poems by poet, journalist and resistance member Tiny Mulder, one by Sappho and a text on “bittersweet” by Anne Carson.

You are invited to read along with us and utter, taste, or say Tiny’s words, but you are also welcome to listen only. With this event, we hope to establish a connection to the poems not based solely on translation, but rather felt in the body by using the breath, voice and lungs while reciting Tiny’s words.

Both Frisian speakers and non-Frisian speakers are welcome to participate. “I myself will struggle with the language and the sounds, but perfection is not the goal of this gathering, connection is.”

Liza hopes to welcome you in Kunsthuis SYB.