4 March till 19 April 2009


Residency Masashi Echigo

The Japanese artist Masashi Echigo will take up residency in Beetsterzwaag over  the coming weeks. Echigo changes the perception in the spaces he embarks on with his large sculptural installations. In his work he departs from the differences found in Japanese and Western approach toward Space and Echigo’s own experience of western construction.

Echigo is mainly concerned with the inside and the outside as a physical and mental notion that is considered and applied very differently to Japanese and Western constructed spaces. Within this framework he is interested in the transition, detachment and oppression experienced through spatial constructions.

Echigo’s work in SYB will be closely related to the surroundings. For his installation, the artist will investigate the context of the house and make use of materials found in the neighboring area. Echigo will strive for a transformation of SYB whereby the viewer becomes aware of the physical proportions of the space in relation to his own body.

SYB maintains an open process by opening its doors to the public every weekend. The final result can be experienced from the 11th of April.
Masashi Echigo (Toyama, Japan, 1982) followed the training of architectural designer until 2007 in Tokyo and since travels as a researcher, amongst other places at TrAIN Research Center London and through artists residencies in Europe.

4th of March to 11th of April

Opening times:
every Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00 hrs
and by appointment

Festive presentation:
Saturday the 11th of April at 17.00 hrs

Exhibition period:
Saturday the 11th, Sunday the 12th, Thursday the 16th – Sunday the 19th of April from 13:00 to 17:00 hrs

This project is financed by the Mondriaan Foundation and the province Friesland.