31 March till 9 May 2010


Residency Rachel Carey, Paulien Föllings, Lieke Snellen

Lieke Snellen is interested in the environment built around us and in the way the human body navigates by this architecture and these objects. In Kunsthuis SYB, Lieke Snellen will reduce the architecture and the direct environment of the building to base shapes. She makes these shapes of materials from the builder’s merchant’s, such as roller blinds, wood, plaster, chairs and tables. These are going to be scale models that refer to shapes the body understands, but that were made in a disoriented way. These are object experiments that, just like the building of Kunsthuis SYB, enforce an ever changing reference.

At the invitation of Snellen, visual artists Paulien Föllings and Rachel Carey each work a week in Kunsthuis SYB. Föllings makes, among other things, stylized dogs and tigers in architectonic situations. In a typical humorous way, Carey places everyday objects in unusual situations. For instance, she recently worked with animated potatoes. In SYB, she will work with goats. Föllings and Carey leave work behind in the room, and Snellen will react to this again.

Lieke Snellen took her MA at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam in 2007. Before that she studied at the St. Joost in Den Bosch. In 2009, Snellen worked as an artist-in-residence in Schloss Balmoral in Germany, and her work can be seen at the Enigma exhibition at TENT. Rotterdam at the end of April. Among other things, she made work for Cell Project Space in London last year.

Rachel A. Carey graduated at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam last year where she received the Maecenas promotion prize. Before that she studied at the academy of arts in Metz and took her BA of Arts and Design in Kansas. In cooperation, Carey established project space Sils last year in Rotterdam.

Paulien Föllings took her certificate at the St. Joost in Den Bosch in 2005. Her work could be seen in Salon Parkstad in Heerlen and Logement Antwerp, and will also be exhibited at TAC in Eindhoven.

Project period:
from 31 March until 9 May 2010

Opening hours during work period:
every Saturday and Sunday from 1 pm until 5 pm
and by appointment

Festive presentation:
Sunday 2 May at 4 pm

Opening hours exhibition:
Sunday 2 May and Friday 7 till 9 May from 1 pm until 4 pm