19 September till 23 October 2012


Master Artistic Research, UvA

Participating artists: Naomi Cheung San, Pieter de Kok, Szilvia Mondel, Rosalie Ravensteijn, Paula Salas, Weronika Zielinska, Heiðar Kári Rannversson, Maritt Serena Kuipers and the Zolder Museum (Iva Supic Jankovic, Aimee Zito Lema, Kristina Benjocki and Isfrid Angard Siljehaug).

Artistic research is trendy, but its exact meaning is often unclear. For example, what does Beetsterzwaag do with artistic research? This might look like a silly question, but at the same time, it contains all the large issues that are part of the phenomenon of ‘artistic research’. What does the practice of an artistic researcher look like? What kind of research does he do and how are the results presented? And why do we not have a satisfactory Dutch term for ‘artistic research’?

Art, just like science, is a form of knowledge production. But the knowledge that art produces is often intangible, while science tries to generate knowledge in a transparent and reproducible way. This knowledge is translated into a clinical, formal and unambiguous presentation. How is it possible to combine two such seemingly different ways of knowledge production and presentation? This is the question with which many artistic researchers struggle.

From 19 September until 23 October 2012, Kunsthuis SYB in Beetsterzwaag will be the location of an intensive exploration of these and other questions regarding artistic research. In sessions of a week each, alumni (2012) of the Master in Artistic Research of the University of Amsterdam gather with a few first year students of that same Master’s degree. They have shared their expectations, successes and failures by reflecting on their own research practice; with the goal nothing short of trying to penetrate the essence of artistic research. In the fourth week, the Zolder Museum joined the project. The Zolder Museum is an artistic research project of Iva Supic Jankovic. Every session is concluded with a presentation during the weekend.

Symposium ‘Artistic Research in Daily Life’:

As a conclusion, a symposium will take place on the 20th of October. Like the residency period, it will have a dynamic and intense program – in addition to the residents, a panel of artists and scholars have been invited to present their work and partake in the discussion:

– Sara Campos – an excercise on listening to each other‘s voices and presence

– Rebecca Stephany – chronology, asynchronicities and consequences of ‘Doppelwörter aus: Bilder, Bedeutung, Austreibung, Produktion’ (a project at Performance Project LISTE 17, Basel, 2012)

– Esmé Valk – recent research and projects, a.o. ‘Showcasing Today’s Essentials’ (2010) and ‘The Importance of the Composed Domain’ (2012)

– Jeroen Boomgaard (head Artistic Research, UvA)

– Lucy Cotter (head MAR, The Hague)

– Moderator: Heiðar Kári Rannversson


Project period:
19 September tiill 23 October 2012

Symposium ‘Artistic Research in Daily Life’:
Saturday 20 October, 2 pm