3 December 2008 till 18 January 2009


Residency Maja Bekan

During the project WAITING ROOM by Maja Bekan visitors are denied access to Kunsthuis SYB, however, through the display window a space is visible. The sound from speakers on the sidewalk draws the attention of the coincidental passerby to this space and to what is taking place inside.

Unlike an ordinary waiting room this one cannot be entered.  The spectator also does not know what it is that is being waited for. It is a fruitless waiting of which the only aim is to escape from it.

With WAITING ROOM Bekan immerses herself in her favorite subject, the use and ritualization of leisure time. At the same time Bekan will attempt with WAITING ROOM to demystify Art spaces and her visitors.

Maja Bekan (1975, Trebinje, former Yugoslavia) lives alternately in The Hague and Belgrade. This summer a waiting room could also be seen by Bekan- in the context of the graduation exhibition of the Piet Zwart Institute named ‘My Travels With Berry’ – in Tent Rotterdam. With her installations and videos Bekan researches leisure time – how it comes to be, how it is used and ritualized. Using the language of ‘amateur-truths “, she poses questions about desire, as generated by mass culture and the satisfaction of it in hand.

from 3rd December to 18 January 2009

Window installation:
from the 24th of December to the 18th of January

Festive meeting:
Sunday the 4th of January at 16:00 hrs.

This project is financed by the Mondriaan Foundation.