15 till 28 January 2024

13 artists x 24 hours, 2024


Kunsthuis SYB is very excited to introduce the 11th edition of the 24-hour residencies in collaboration with Academy Minerva in Groningen. On Monday January 15, 2024, the first students will arrive in Beetsterzwaag for their one-day and one-night residency in SYB.

Kunsthuis SYB and Minerva offer third and fourth-year students the opportunity to participate in an ultra-short residency at SYB in Beetsterzwaag. Students will be sharing the 24-hour residency with a fellow student to research and/or develop a specific project. With the 24-hour project, Kunsthuis SYB and Minerva Art Academy want to give students the opportunity to experience the concept of working in residence.

This year’s theme
In 1990, American artist Carrie Mae Weems created the seminar artwork The Kitchen Table Series. It consists of a portfolio of twenty platinum prints and fourteen text sheets. The artist staged and photographed a fictional drama taking place around the kitchen table. In it she played the lead role in different scenes with others such as make up sessions, mothering, hanging out with friends or having coffee with her lover. In this work playing with autobiography she used her image as a vehicle for questioning ideas about the role of tradition, the nature of family, monogamy, gender and relationships between different genders. How do domestic spaces articulate political situations?

The ultrashort residency invites the third- and four year students to reflect on The Kitchen Table Series and the questions that arise in its context. How would your kitchen table series be like? What kind of scenes would take place around the table these days?

The selected artists:
Bean (Estel Rovira I Collell)
Lotte d’Ailly
Ellemieke Meijers
Fayad Ayman
Emily Kuemmeler
Tirza Mafi
Fitjenza Ulrich
Cecilia Fox
Indira de Boer
Lotte Beets
Sverre van der Velde
Josse Poelstra
Kaja Manthei
Ro de Ruiter
Kiva Mitrea
Anne Hendriks
Linn Morsink
Liz de Vries
Naomi Arnoudova
Alina Fashing
Nina Lila Vero Veloo
Luz Mercedes Walters
Sofía Murillo Lommers
Shiva Miryektah
Seandy Achthoven
Stijn Wijnsma
Jesse Noor


The 24-hour residency format was initiated and developed by Noor Nuyten (artist and former program committee Kunsthuis SYB) and Sober and Lonely Institute for Contemporary Art (SLICA), an artist initiative in South Africa. This project is made possible by Minerva Art Academy.