17 till 29 May 2020

24-hour residencies

In collaboration with Minerva Art Academy, Groningen

What can you do and make in 24 hours? In March May, SYB welcomes ten students from Minerva Academy for a 24-hour residency. The selected artists are Karina Puuffin, Kara Noble, Layla Arthur, Nune Tunjikian, Pan Vanitcharoenthum, Polina Shuvalova, Klaudija Ilayte, Samantha Pellarini & Zjuul Wiersema and Miru Park.

The third- and fourth-year students submitted a proposal for a 24 hour work period at SYB. From all the applications, visual artist and curator Noor Nuyten and Josine Sibum Siderius (SYB) selected the most striking proposals.

During their ultra-short residency, the artists will be supervised remotely and will be given all the space and time they need to give a new twist to existing or new work within their day. This way they are offered an opportunity to experience working as an artist-in-residency, to plan and execute a project on location, and to experience what the new context of Beetsterzwaag can offer them. The results of their work at SYB will be shown between 31 March and 2 April in the Koepelzaal of Academy Minerva.

The 24-hour format was initiated and developed by the Sober and Lonely Institute for Contemporary Art (SLICA), an artists’ initiative in South Africa. This project is supported by Academy Minerva.