14 June till 21 July 2009


Residency Abner Preis

These coming weeks the visual artist and story teller Abner Preis will be working on a new video work titled BEAR MAN AND ALICE. The American, also known for his impassioned work drive uses both miniature as well as life size characters and backdrops together with drawings and special made objects, some of which are made of rubbish. Preis selects his actors amongst his guests and finds them within the local community of Beetsterzwaag. His own voice-over will then accompany all of this. The production of his work appears to be one large interactive performance.

Simultaneously Preis will be organizing a summer camp for his crew, American style; along with boy/girl policy, cooking and shopping, shifts and a real itinerary including a torch, a sleeping bag, a pair of walking shoes and swim wear. Participants are Rocco Pezzella (IT), Marcus Galmazz (IT), Nina Boas (NL), Vivian Wenli Lin (USA), Wayne Horse (DL), Will Barras (UK), Harlan Levey (USA), Ina Smits (NL), The London Police (UK), Tina Villa (CR), Lydia Russell (UK), Franchesca Miazzo (IT), Bianca Van Zwieten (NL), Jesse Zarouk (USA), Takuro Mizuta (JP) and Claudius Gebele (DL).

Preis will present his work to public both during the summer camp as well as on the closing event of the whole project.

Aber Preis (1975) finds a lack of love in art and life. He was recently spotted in the Leuvenhaven where he lives in Rotterdam fishing out plastic bottles from the water with a net. Birds, he calls them. In his studio awaited his own made rocks and cliffs from polystyrene on to which he sticks the bottles and paints white. They mostly look like puffins, and yes amongst them was an empty bottle of toilet duck detergent. Preis tells absurd stories about good and evil. Of course evil always loses. Although upon second reading his work is more confronting than you may think. His work could recently be seen at Gallery Gabriel Rolt during Art Amsterdam and during Art Rotterdam at the Trendbeheer presentation.

Project period:
June 14th to July 12th 2009

Opening hours:
every Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00

Sunday 28th June at 18:00

End presentation of the video BEAR MAN AND ALICE with a performance by Abner Preis, Nina Boas and guests:
Saturday 11th July at 15:00

This project is financed by the Mondriaan Foundation and the province Friesland.