13 November till 4 December 2022

Carriers, exhibition Sybren Hellinga Art Prize

in Kunsthuis SYB

Foto: Sjoerd Knol

on view from Sunday, Nov 13 – Sunday, Dec. 4
open on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 5 pm.

From November 13 through December 4, the group exhibition Carriers will be on display at Kunsthuis SYB. The exhibition is curated by Titus Nouwens and includes artworks by the five nominated artists of the 9th Sybren Hellinga Art Prize.

The 9th edition of the Sybren Hellinga Art Prize brings together five artists from vastly different contexts; they come from Denmark, Goa, The Netherlands, Syria and have graduated in recent years from art schools in Amsterdam and Arnhem, Ghent and Groningen. The works presented at Kunsthuis SYB comprise various media including moving image, ceramics and textile. As the curator Titus Nouwens highlights in his essay, the works depart from personal or familial histories. Autobiography and fiction are intertwined in five multi-media installations of a strong performative nature. The notion of carrier is a recurring element in the exhibition. Nouwens takes the etymological origin carrier shares with career as a starting point to reflect on the relationship between the two concepts and how they refer to both moving and containing.

The artists: 
Benjamin Francis
Olivia D’Cruz
Peter Scherrebeck Hansen
Sarjon Azouz
Vita Soul Wilmering

Read the text written by curator Titus Nouwens accompanying the exhibition here.

Artists: Benjamin Francis, Olivia D’Cruz, Peter Scherrebeck Hansen, Sarjon Azouz, Vita Soul Wilmering
Curator: Titus Nouwens
Director: Arnisa Zeqo
Coordinator / producer: Gisanne Hendriks
Frisian translation: Ed Knotter
Design: Maarten van Maanen
Installation: Vanina Tsvetkova
Documentation: Sjoerd Knol

SYB Huisclub: Jan Harmsma, Eva Kruis, Hilde Metsaars

Long list assessment SYB Circles: Josje Hattink, Alina Lupu, Anika Mariam Ahmed

Jury: Vytautas Kumža (Winner Sybren Hellinga Art Prize 2019), Saskia Noor van Imhoff (Visual artist), Laurie Cluitmans (Curator Centraal Museum in Utrecht), Sanne Luteijn (manager The Ekard Residency)

The Sybren Hellinga Art Prize 2022 is made possible by: Sybren Hellinga Foundation, the Mondriaan Fund, Province of Friesland, the Municipality of Opsterland, and the Van Teyens Foundation.

  • Foto: Sjoerd Knol