26 May 2024

“Cover Crop Cocktails”, presentation Honey Jones-Hughes & Antonio de la Hera

Public presentation

Honey Jones-Hughes and Antonio de la Hera, Cover Crop Cocktails, 2024

Kunsthuis SYB warmly invites you to Cover Crop Cocktails, a presentation by artists Honey Jones-Hughes and Antonio de la Hera on Sunday, May 26, 2024 at 15:00.

For the past few weeks, Jones-Hughes and de la Hera have been researching cover crops at SYB and in their studio. A cover crop, in broad terms, can refer to any plant sown or allowed to grow with the aim to improvement of soil health. In their residency at SYB is a particular focus on the application of mustard.

During their presentation on Sunday afternoon May 26 at SYB, Jones-Hughes and de la Hera share their research and results with the audience in a special lecture performance. Additionally the afternoon includes a conversation moderated by Arnisa Zeqo.

Cover Crop Cocktails marks the conclusion of the research residency Planting Mustard (preliminary research) that Jones-Hughes and de la Hera did at Kunsthuis SYB.

We look forward to welcoming you to SYB on Sunday, May 26 at 15.00!

15:00 Walk-in
15.30 Q&A and lecture performance by Jones-Hughes and de la Hera
16.15 Closing drinks
17.00 End

About the artists
Working collaboratively, Honey Jones-Hughes and Antonio de la Hera respond to societal issues that arise in their direct environment. Current thinking questions modern agricultural and technological mythologies, resource scarcity, supply chains, infrastructures and economies.