13 January 2024

Presentation Wessel Verrijt: How to Become a Mountain

Public presentation

Wessel Verrijt, still how to become a mountain, 2023, Kunsthuis SYB

Kunsthuis SYB warmly invites you to How to Become a Mountain, a presentation concluding Wessel Verrijt’s residency, on Saturday, January 13, 2024 at 15.00.

Over the past weeks, Wessel Verrijt met with many people from Beetsterzwaag and around to collect waste materials for his new assemblages. In addition, the landscape served as inspiration and ultimately as a location for performances and interventions.The result of the residency will be shared in a public presentation on Saturday, January 13.

During an open walk-in, the sculptures and film will be on display, followed by an afternoon program. The program begins with a conversation between the artist and director Arnisa Zeqo, followed by a walk through the village with one of the sculptures. The program ends at SYB with drinks.

We look forward to welcoming you to SYB.

15:00 Walk-in
15:30 Q&A
16:00 Performative walk
16:30 Closing drinks
17:00 End

About the artist
Wessel Verrijt (1992, Lierop NL) creates sculptures, architectural vehicles, tactile mobiles and vibrant characters. They are both robust and fragile, as well as chaotic and orderly. They appear to be living entities and suggest a ritual or a procession that came to a halt. The sculptures come to life in performances. As such, he explores the idea of ‘living matter’, when body and matter merge and matter takes on human traits and emotions.

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