9 till 22 March 2015


Academie Minerva

Opening: Friday the 13th of March, 20:00h.

Exhibition: 14-22 March 13:00-17:00h.

During the Kuhntradictions project, a co-operation with Academie Minerva, Groningen. Kunsthuis SYB will function as a laboratory for thought experiments and strategies on how abstract conceptual material can be a point of departure for the production of art works.

Imagine you place a cat in a box, you also put a vile with an intoxicating gas in the box that has the exact 50% chance of breaking. You close the box. Is the cat, the moment you have closed the box, death or alive…..or both? This is one of the most famous thought-experiments in history called Schrödingers Cat. A thought experiment is an experiment that takes place, by means of language and the power of imagination, in your head instead of in physical reality. This mechanism is regularly used by science and philosophy to unveil abstract and complex problems and to form a intuition of it. Functional thought experiments rely heavily on imaginary objects and situations recognisable for everyone, everywhere. (like a cat, a box etc) It creates an imaginary scenario, a story or anecdote from which everyone should be able to deduce the same problem and complexities. What happens however when the subjectivity of an individual enters the equation? What would happen if unknown or specific objects, or unexpected players are added?

During an intense five day mini-residency the students are challenged to create a scenario of their own in or around Kunsthuis SYB, of an existing or self postulated thought experiment. The focus of this seminar with Academie Minerva lies on the transformation from abstract conceptual matters to physical art works. The used media can vary, performance, video, 3D objects. The students will be guided by artist and member of SYB´s programming committee Tom Kok.

The work of Tom Kok (1987, Gouda, NL) mainly consists of sculptural installations, video’s and performances. His works are initiated by a fascination for the fragility of science. Through a wide range of subjects, he investigates the social and cultural consequences of knowledge structures. Tom Kok is also part of an extensive collaboration with Jan Willem Deiman (aka Kok&Deiman). For more info: http://www.tomkok.com

Participating artists:

Lai Kuen Chan

Rosemarie Swingle

Nia Konstantinova

Wim Warrink

Laureen Langkamp