18 till 20 May 2024



Eva Kruis

During the Whitsun weekend of May 18-20, 2024, the 12th edition of Kunstroute Opsterland will take place. This event is an open studio route along various studios of artists in the municipality of Opsterland.

Kunsthuis SYB offers space to local artist Eva Kruis, also a volunteer at SYB, to present her work. Kruis shows her work in a special presentation with collages of abstracted compositions on canvas and panel, inspired by water landscapes.

During Kunstroute Opsterland, Kunsthuis SYB will be open May 18, 19 and 20 from 11:00 – 17:00. The artist will be present throughout the weekend.

Info about Kunstroute Opsterland 2024
Some twenty artists from the municipality of Opsterland will open the doors of their studios and/or gardens for the 12th edition of the open studio route. A retrospective exhibition will be on display at the main location in the Witte Kerk. The route continues past various studios and outdoor locations in the municipality. The art route is open from Saturday, May 18, through Monday, May 20, from 11.00 – 17.00. Admission is free.

Click here for more information about the Kunstroute Opsterland 2024 (only in Dutch).