22 October till 30 November 2008


Project Vincent van Gerven Oei, Michela Pelusio, Dorota Walentynowicz

The aim of the project is to explore the influence of physical distance on out perception of virtual space-time and digital image.
Using simple principles such as reflections, replications, camera tracking, delay and reverberation the artists will turn the gallery space of Kunsthuis SYB into an organism responsive to the presence of observers. The observer becomes a part of the art installations, through subjective decisions. The influence of the computer and communication technologies of our time is clearly visible, through elements such as instability of space, multiple personalities, autoscopia, simultaneuos self replicating images, connection traffic. These essential elements of computer networks are used here as a source of artistic creation; the physical space and emotional distance between the information’s transmitter and receiver is utilized in a performative fashion.
During their stay in SYB artists realized three installations: “The time repeats itself”, “A misplaced wall” and “Define ‘realtime’ ”
environmental video installation
Two screens are placed in the window cavities that remain after rebuilding of the gallery space of the kunsthuis. The image beamed on them seems to be mirroring a passage across the room; this mirroring is however illusive. Due to spatial and temporal displacement of recording cameras, the traffic in the corridor is subject to distortion and delay. A fake perspective is formed. The space appears as curved. The images of people passing overlap in varying intervals. The size of the interval increase each time a persons presence is detected in the room.

environmental video sound installation
A wall of the kunsthuis was subject to a video intervention. Its nature is that of a monument, which needs to be held at a distance and therefore cannot be touched. This feature was a departure point for a work that juxtaposes the withdrawn position of observer with participatory nature of physical reality. An image of the wall is re-projected onto its surface. As soon as a visitor?s presence is detected in front of it, this image is subtly set in motion thus making the observation of the object impossible. The experience is enhanced by
a thrilling sound produced through breaking of the image into singular tiles.

video/ webcam installation
The works aim was a realtime subtraction of a moving image from its static background. For this realization
a location directly outside of the exhibition space was chosen:a street site and a nearby busstop, which were considered in their funtional approach to time (waiting for..) The experiment resulted in a poetic record of changes taking place in the environment. It also brought up the issue of uncontrolled image flow, streamed via webcams whose number in our surrounding is systematically growing.

REMOTELY was realized during an artistic residency in Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag, The Netherlands

concept and realization: Michela Pelusio (www.Maakali.org), Dorota Walentynowicz (www.dobrze.nl)
programming support: Mirko Lazovic, Marnix Dekker
production: Kunsthuis SYB
documentation: Denis Guzzo (www.denis.guzzo.name)

all pictures by Denis Guzzo
copyrights Dorota Walentynowicz and Michela Pelusio 2008