15 February till 27 March 2012


Residency Matthew Lutz-Kinoy

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy presents familiar space as a theatrical location that is constantly being formulated, manipulated and altered afresh. Every work is part of a process in which a collection of performances is being documented, represented and repeated by the artist, in videos, performances and sculptures. In SYB, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy builds on two recent installations that bring together the different levels on which the object, space and the performer function. In ‘Prospekt A’, he covered the interior walls of the SILBERKUPPE gallery (Berlin) with painted canvas. The visitor transforms the installation into a social space that makes an intimate relation with both the location and the objects possible. In the dance performance and installation ‘Donna Harraway’s Expanded Benefits Package’ (New Museum, New York and LISTE art fair Basel) the movement of the performer and the setting – which consists of painted mirrors and towels – is intensely intertwined.

During the first part of his stay in SYB, Lutz-Kinoy works on a series of large paintings on canvas. The paintings function autonomously in their all-embracing size, colour, movement and tangible physicality, but at the same time, they compose a background for the works of Lutz-Kinoy’s guests: the performance and video artist Ola Vasiljeva and the performance and artists duo Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff. Lutz-Kinoy shares with them his fascination for social rituals and social identity. Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff will continue their ongoing project ‘Dinner Theater’ in SYB. ‘Dinner Theater’ is a performance as well as a workshop and a dinner party that also lets the visitors of Kunsthuis SYB pull up a chair. During dinner, the guests go through a script that in the course of the night is interwoven with unconstrained conversation at the table. This way, during every performance the script is being rewritten.

On the occasion of the ‘Dinner Theater’ event Lutz-Kinoy will be collaborating with the Groningen gallery Mooi Man in the production of a spontaneous salon style exhibition with works from their gallery, which specializes in the male form in the figurative arts.

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy (1984) attended the Cooper Union School of Art in New York and was accepted at the Rijksakademie voor de Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam in 2010. His work was exhibited in several galleries and at film, performing arts and dance festivals in Europe and the US. Matthew Lutz-Kinoy has had solo shows in Berlin (SILBERKUPPE), Paris (Gallery Yukiko Kawase) and Otegem (Deweer Gallery). The dance performance installation ‘Donna Harraway’s Expanded Benefits Package’ will be staged on Monday evening 29 March, as part of the interdisciplinary event ‘Stedelijk@Trouw/de Verdieping’ in Amsterdam.

Opening hours work period:
every Saturday and Sunday from 1 pm until 5 pm.

Final presentation:
Sat. 17 March, 3 pm