SYB Circles 2021

Read, watch, listen

Een trainingssessie van de Onkruidenier tijdens Langstme, de Derde Triƫnnale van Beetsterzwaag. Foto: Sjoerd Knol

It was a tumultuous but good year for Kunsthuis SYB. Over 40 artists stayed and worked in the house: during the residencies, in the 24-hour residencies with Academy Minerva, as part of Midseason (a collaboration with het resort), remotely during COLLECTIVE with VHDG and of course during our Triennial. Many of these projects were recorded by the members of SYB Circles in image, text or sound. Other projects were concluded with a film or publication.

You can watch, read or listen to our projects through the links in the overview below:

  • On Affecting Change
    In December 2020 and January 2021, Kunsthuis SYB realized an online symposium in three parts, in collaboration with Hotel Maria Kapel and AiR Platform NL. During the three sessions we asked ourselves: How can we, despite our differences, our temporality, and our individual challenges, contribute to an anti-racist, feminist, caring, and sustainable future? Read the online publication about this symposium here.
  • Anthrax Groves
    Janne van Gilst was the first resident of 2021. Together with Vanessa van t’Hoogt (SYB Circles/PhD candidate RUG) & Michiel Teeuw (designer) she worked on an interactive website about her project in Kunsthuis SYB.
  • 24 hours
    In March, 23 third- and fourth-year students of Academy Minerva stayed at SYB for one day and one night. Their work and experiences are now included in a special online publication. The publication, designed by Michiel Teeuw, can be read here.
  • Anthonio Maria
    Lotte van der Woude researched the origin of her own ship, the Anthonio Maria from 1905, with the help of local experts and the Fries Scheepvaart Museum in Sneek. Her research led to a lot of new information, audio and visual material about this personal history and the Frisian shipping industry. Listen to the stories here (Dutch only).
  • A Smoker’s Theatre
    In April and May, Caz Egelie and Jesse Strikwerda were guests at Kunsthuis SYB. During their stay, they worked together to create sets and installations for a play in which different actors played different roles. Watch their film here.
  • Community Garden
    In July and August Inge Meijer stayed in Kunsthuis SYB, worked as a volunteer at the Tropical Greenhouse and realized two new works. Liza Voetman interviewed Inge about her work. The interview can now be read here (Dutch only, sorry).
  • Langstme
    In September Langstme, The Third Triennial of Beetsterzwaag took place. The photos of this exhibition in Beetsterzwaag can be viewed here. The podcast, made by Maud van Maarseveen, Josje Hattink, Liza Voetman and Katinka van Gorkum can be listened to here (mostly Dutch).
  • Duvel Banner
    The last resident of 2022 was Carmen Schabracq. We hope to conclude her residency in 2022 with a final presentation. Vanessa van ‘t Hoogt wrote this essay about her work.