26 October till 5 December 2015


Residency Toon Fibbe, Laura Wiedijk

  In the parallel, digital universe of the internet, there is a subculture of people who deep down identify themselves not as human, but as an animal or mystical being. They carry the soul, for example, of a wolf, a fox, a cat, a fairy, a vampire, an angel or a demon. They mostly meet […]

15 September till 21 October 2015

In foreign parts

Review by Julia Steenhuisen

John Kørner and I are looking at one of his paintings. Floating above a vast horizon we see a man walking; he carries a bundled-up body over his shoulder. Next we look at a seascape with an enlarged sneaker floating on the surface. They are allusions to the refugee crisis. On the next canvas we […]

10 till 13 September 2015


de 1e Triënnale van Beetsterzwaag

At the end of the summer, Kunsthuis SYB presents the first edition of a festival for visual art that will take place every three years: the Triennial of Beetsterzwaag. For four days at ten historical locations, you can see art, live performances, participate in activities, listen to lectures and music, meet artists, walk, and sample […]

3 August till 13 September 2015


Residency Rieke Vos, Kasper Jacobs, Ilke Gers, Frank Koolen, Eric Giraudet de Boudemange

The end of July is in sight as the tour madness slowly reaches its peak. Like flies the sponsors, doping control, cycling press and podium girls circle around the sweaty cyclists. In close pursuit are the spectators. Sport unites. But the extensive professionalisation, commercialisation en globalisation of big events, like the Tour de France, almost […]

26 July till 2 August 2015


NOON & AIN , Noa Giniger, Anat Spiegel

Visual artists Noa Giniger and musician Anat Spiegel (aka. Noon & Ain) create poems from cutouts of their own Gmail chats and WhatsApp correspondence; functional communication turns into pure poetry. In their texts, video works and audio recordings the duo explores different feminine and existential topics through a personal, friendship- based dialogue. Noon & Ain originated in Kunsthuis […]

28 till 28 June 2015


Review by Anne Marijn Voorhorst

CROSS SECTION OF A LANDSCAPE #2 – Yeb Wiersma & Miek Zwamborn Dressed in shorts we lift our legs, clay sticking to our feet, from the soles up to the calves. I cannot hear anyone talking, the wind on the mudflats has free rein and sweeps into all ears. Never before have I seen such […]

28 till 28 June 2015


Yeb Wiersma, Miek Zwamborn

WALK II: No Solid Ground.. Am I the walker, the path and the landscape combined? Infected by their fascination for walking Miek Zwamborn (author and poet) and Yeb Wiersma (visual artist) roam along the coastal salt marshes of Ferwert, Friesland. Along their way the guides will make various interventions by displaying and reading from their […]

15 May till 20 June 2015


Sjoerd Westbroek, Frans-Willem Korsten, Edward Clydesdale Thomson

Old Man [the sun] showed them the roots and the berries, and showed how to gather these, and certain times of the year they should peel the bark of some trees and eat it… (Grinell, G.B. 1913. Blackfeet Indian stories. C. Scribner’s Sons, New York.)  For centuries, the inner bark of pine trees was an […]

26 March till 7 May 2015

There’s more place for pathos in literature

Interview by Marian Cousijn

4th May 2015, a sunny spring day. The Netherlands commemorates the Second World War, and in Kunsthuis SYB Pieter Paul Pothoven presents the budding start to the ‘lengthy writing project’ – he refrains from calling it a novel – that he’s been working on these last few weeks. Bathing in the last rays of sunshine […]

16 till 19 April 2015


Tina Helen, Soren Thilo Funder

Kunsthuis SYB will be represented at the independent art fair SUPERMARKET in Stockholm. Supermarket is an international artist-run art fair for artist-run galleries and other artists’ initiatives. The goal of SUPERMARKET, is to provide a showcase for artists’ initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks in the Swedish as […]

26 March till 7 May 2015


Residency Pieter Paul Pothoven

Orchidee uit de kas van Wim Kool. Wageningen. September 1981, Fotoarchief Familie Kool

Think of the resistance in the Second World War. How many of the images that now spring to mind come from a Dutch film or from an exhibition you once saw in one of the 25 national war and resistance museums? An entire generation has grown up with images of the war and the resistance that have been […]

9 till 22 March 2015


Academie Minerva

Opening: Friday the 13th of March, 20:00h. Exhibition: 14-22 March 13:00-17:00h. During the Kuhntradictions project, a co-operation with Academie Minerva, Groningen. Kunsthuis SYB will function as a laboratory for thought experiments and strategies on how abstract conceptual material can be a point of departure for the production of art works. Imagine you place a cat […]

23 February 2015


SYB has a new graphic designer. We would like to introduce him: Maarten van Maanen (Leiden, 1975) lives and works in Amsterdam. He received his BA in Audiovisual Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (1999) and studied type design and typography at the Royal Institute of Art in The Hague (2001-2002). Maarten […]

10 till 10 February 2015


Conversations Vincent van Velsen, Marianna Liosi, Angela Serino, Alessandra Saviotti

There is much to say about the project WHEN SPECTATORS WORK, WORKERS OBSERVE… We let the curators and artists speak for themselves in two interviews, both in English). For the conversation they had with Angela Serino, curator and former member of SYB’s Programming Committee, click here for the one by Vincent van Velsen, former writer in SYB’s Writer’s Programme, and new […]

15 November 2014 till 6 January 2015


Interview by Vincent van Velsen

You might also be interested in the interview by Angela Serino The curators and the artists showed an overview of the research process that they developed during their stay at the residency. Apparent were traces of individual reflections as well as of the collaborative work with the guests and the audience, next to diagrams on […]

When spectators work, workers observe

a collective/polyphonic interview by Angela Serino

In this attempt to analyze what it is that we mean when we talk of artistic production and its relation to the condition of being in a residency, the new ‘temporary’ collective looked back at the previous use of SYB house as a candy factory and used this information as a starting point of their investigation.

1 January 2015


We started 2015 with a partly renewed Programming Committee. The old committee recently saw three seats vacated: Maritt Kuipers to our delight became SYB’s new artistic director in October and Arjen de Leeuw and Angela Serino left SYB in December. Starting 2015, current members Noor Nuyten and Timmy van Zoelen will be joined by the […]

20 December 2014

Final presentation WHEN SPECTATORS WORK…

Marianna Liosi, Alessandra Saviotti

Saturday 20th December at 3 pm the final presentation of the six weeks long residency project When spectators work, workers observe – The beginning is the last part to be created will take place at Kunsthuis SYB. The curators and the artists will show an overview of the research process developed through the setting up of […]

15 November 2014 till 6 January 2015


Residency Marianna Liosi, Alessandra Saviotti

IN COLLABORATION WITH MARCEL DICKHAGE AND CATHLEEN SCHUSTER FINAL PRESENTATION: DECEMBER 20th   The cinema museum in Lyon is housed in the Lumière brothers’ old film factory; DIA: Beacon in New York resides in a building where biscuit tin labels used to be printed; WIELS is situated in a former brewery in Brussels; and Kunsthuis […]

10 October till 13 November 2014


Review by Vincent van Velsen

What happens when you bring together two artists who deal with the interface between art and life? During their residency, Rumiko Hagiware and Mounira al Solh investigated the contemporary meaning of laziness. They studied texts on this subject, searched for ways to be lazy, and spoke with many people about the subject. They filmed the […]