Open Call 2023 & 2024

Deadline: 6 February 2022, 23:59 hrs

Open call for contemporary visual artists living and/or working in the Netherlands.

SYB Circles 2021

Read, watch, listen

Een trainingssessie van de Onkruidenier tijdens Langstme, de Derde Triënnale van Beetsterzwaag. Foto: Sjoerd Knol

CIRCLES | Devil Banner

Carmen Schabracq and Vanessa van 't Hoogt

Vanessa van ’t Hoogt wrote an essay about Carmen Schabracq her work as part of SYB Circles. 

9 November 2021 till 15 January 2022

Carmen Schabracq – Duvel Banner

Final presentation postponed!

Image: Saskia Hardus

Please note, that Carmen’s final presentation has been postponed till later this year.

10 till 19 September 2021

Langstme in photos

the Third Triennial of Beetsterzwaag

A Smoker's Theatre - Caz Egelie en Jesse Strikwerda

A quick look at Langstme, the Third Triennial of Beetsterzwaag

Circles | Langstme Podcast

SYB Circles

Opnames van de podcast: Josje Hattink (tijdens de excursie van Janne van Gilst)

During Langstme, the Triennial of Beetsterzwaag, the members of SYB Circles recorded three short podcasts.

Circles | Anthrax Groves

Janne van Gilst en Vanessa van 't Hoogt

Together with Vanessa van t’Hoogt (SYB Circles/PhD candidate RuG) & Michiel Teeuw (designer) Janne van Gilst worked on an interactive website about her work and work process in Kunsthuis SYB.

Circles | Hartelijk dank u, zo spraken de planten

Liza Voetman & Inge Meijer

Inge Meijer's Car Garden video in de Tropische Kas tijdens Langstme, de Derde Triënnale van Beetsterzwaag, 2021 (foto: Sjoerd Knol)

A translation of Liza Voetman’s interview with Inge Meijer will follow soon.

Wanted: volunteers!

for the Third Triennial of Beetsterzwaag

For ‘Langstme, The Third Triennial of Beetsterzwaag’, Kunsthuis SYB is looking for volunteers.

15 August 2021

Final Presentation Inge Meijer

In SYB & Tropische Kas

Inge Meijer, 2021

Date: Sunday, August 15, 3pm Location: Kunsthuis SYB Doors open: 2.30pm Admission: free (but please sign up)

10 till 19 September 2021


the Third Triennial of Beetsterzwaag

Between 10 and 19 September, Kunsthuis SYB organizes an art route & public program with contributions by former residents. Their work will be on view at unconventional locations throughout Beetsterzwaag.

1 July till 15 August 2021

Inge Meijer: Community Garden


Image: Catalina Suescún P.

From July 1, Kunsthuis SYB welcomes Inge Meijer, who will be a guest until August 15.

24hour residencies 2021

Online publicatie

Design: Michiel Teeuw

In March, twenty-three third- and fourth-year students of Academy Minerva stayed at Kunsthuis SYB for one day and one night. Their works and experiences have been collected into a new online publication.

Online publication: On Affecting Change…


Image: Kristin Metho

Residencies and small organisations are microcosms. Very often, they are spaces of experimentation that give the artist in residence a moment out of time and in a new space, while being inextricably linked to new contexts, networks and environments.

19 May till 30 June 2021

Lotte van der Woude: Anthonio Maria


In May and June, Lotte van der Woude will be staying at Kunsthuis SYB. During her stay in SYB, Lotte researches the history of Frisian shipping based on her own ship, the Anthonio Maria from 1905, and her family history.

1 April till 16 May 2021

Caz Egelie & Jesse Strikwerda: A Smoker’s Theatre


The video A Smoker’s Theatre by Caz Egelie and Jesse Strikwerda can be seen via this website on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 May . If you’d like to pay Caz and Jesse a visit this weekend, please let us know by email: ___

17 till 30 March 2021

24-hour Residencies


What can you do and make in 24 hours? Over the next few weeks, Kunsthuis SYB is glad to welcome 23 students from Academy Minerva for a 24-hour residency.

1 February till 14 March 2021

Janne van Gilst

Window exhibition 13th and 14th March

Janne van Gilst - Miltvuurbosjes - Cyanotypie

On 13 and 14 March photographer Janne van Gilst will share the results of her research into anthrax groves and cyanotype experiments in a window exhibition at Kunsthuis SYB (Hoofdstraat 70, Beetsterzwaag).


Open Call: Deadline 17 March 2021

Have you been working as a professional visual artist (in the North of the Netherlands) for several years? Are you in need of a good old critique session, or an opportunity to exchange ideas and expand your network? Then we kindly invite you to join our temporary COLLECTIVE, organised by Kunsthuis SYB and art initiative […]